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Dr. Philip Godfrey
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Is Fatty Chest ("Lipomastia") Really Gynecomastia?
Dr. Godfrey: Thu, May 31st, 2012 10:14:47 am

Lipomastia: Liposuction Alone
Recently, at a question and answer session, I was asked about "lipomastia." "Is it really gynecomastia," I was asked, "or is it just from being fat?"

One could answer this a couple of ways, depending upon one's choice of definitions. Some prefer to call lipomastia a "pseudo-gynecomastia," since the enlargement is largely or entirely from fat, rather than from breast tissue development. These purists use the word gynecomastia only in cases where palpable breast tissue exists. However, since "gynecomastia" simply means, "woman's breast," ( or breast like a woman), these distinctions are unimportant except in clinical discussions and in treatment planning.

Lipomastias with little or no skin excess are generally well treated using liposuction alone. Although experienced surgeons agree that the effectiveness of liposuction varies with many "gynecomastias," most find that the "lipomastias" respond beautifully. If the patient is older and has skin excess with laxity, a peri-areolar skin reduction can be combined with fat aspiration.

Learning About Real Results With Gynecomastia Surgery
Dr. Godfrey: Wed, May 30th, 2012 10:30:29 am

Modern plastic surgery has a lot to offer men suffering with gynecomastia. For many, the surgery can be truly transformative.

With this surgery, as with all procedures, however, ultimate success depends upon both good surgical execution and reasonable patient expectations.

Although viewing images of other patients tells only an incomplete story, it may serve to highlight what can, and cannot, be accomplised.

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